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Awesome adventures for 12 months

6 bumper gift box bundle


Awesome adventures for 12 months

6 bumper gift box bundle
is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


This amazing gift includes 6 bumper gift boxes and a Yippee adventures Personalised adventure box and over 150 activities before your grow up book

The children's Yippee adventure will start with a bumper gift box, a Personalised adventure box set and a voucher to say they have a 12 month adventure gift for Yippee.

Thereafter they will receive a box full of exciting adventures every 2 months, personalised with their name. 

Boxes will be delivered every other month, in the middle of the following months - February, April, June, August, October and December. Hopefully in line with the school holidays!

 Our bumper gift boxes are themed around awesome adventures for children to do before they grow up!! They are designed to inspire and enable a variety of adventures, the kind that get you out and about and create special family times.

Each box includes everything you will need for 5 or more hands – on STEAM activities – together with instructions, fun facts and extended play ideas.

All our materials are thoughtfully designed for lasting play or proud display and learning through play!

The box themes sent will take in consideration the seasons but you will receive our amazing 'Blast into Space' box in December.

Box themes will include:

Bug hunting


Superheroes & Superpowers




Castle and Catapults

And we have other boxes in development to inspire more of our Yippee adventures.

Our boxes are suitable for 4-8yrs.


The contents will vary from box to box and will depend on the theme. If you would like to see what each box will include in more detail please see our bumper gift box section. The flow is subject to change as new boxes come on line but please see an example below:

December: Blast into Space - 5 action packed activities including launch your own rocket, make an amazing solar system, explore the constellation by torchlight, super space memory game and friction astronaut experiment.

February: Castle & Catapults - 5 medieval themed activities including build your own castle with working drawbridge, go incredible adventures with your king, queen, knight and dragon, create a beautiful stained glass window, design and display your own medieval flag and make your own cool catapult.

April: Greenfingers - 7 great and green activities including grow delicious runner beans, cress and even your own edible flow, grow basil for the ultimate pizza, cool green bean maze experiment, plant a sunflower, chromatography flowers and make your own beautiful flower and leaf press.


June: Bug Hunting - 6 bug based activities including make a real home for mini creatures, play bug bingo with your family and friends, make your own wool web and pom pom spider, exciting bug hunt adventures with your magnifying glass, create a pinning spider illusion and help save the bee and butterfly population with some lovely seeds.

 August: Seaside - 6 activities including make your own sea scene with salt, drawing ink and sea creatures, use your line to go crabbing, go on a seashore adventure with your laminated spotter sheet, make a beautiful shell photo frame, create your very own sand art and test your ball skill with a cool beach ball.

October: Superheroes and Superpowers - 5 mighty activities including invent your own superhero with awesome powers, make your own mask & cuffs, use superpower strength to move a car with wind and magnetic power and make some cool magnet painting art.


Details & Delivery

Boxes will be delivered every other month, in the middle of the following months: • February • April • June • August • October • December

Hopefully these times will be in line with most school holidays so children and grown ups will have more time for adventuring!

The box themes sent each month will take into consideration the seasons.

For a 6 month subscription you will receive 3 boxes in total and for a 12 month, 6 boxes.

Shipping £3.00 for each box delivery, paid in full with subscription gift order.

Our 6 and 12 month subscriptions will not auto renew.

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